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Quinta-Feira, 22 de Novembro de 2018

Vodafone launches integrated television solution for hotels

Guest TV is a new television service that allows full integration with hotels’ management applications.
  • Solution integrates guests’ hotels with a new personalised point of real-time contact and communication
  • The Maxime Hotel in Lisbon is a pioneer in the use of the service

Vodafone today launched a new television service designed for the hotel sector, capable of being integrated with hotels’ management applications. Guest TV is the new Vodafone solution that makes it possible to present personalised content to guests and implement digital marketing strategies during their stay.

Guest TV shows how any hotel can use the technology for the benefit of its guests, while allowing more efficient and optimised management of its human and financial resources.

This solution has the total flexibility to be adapted to the needs of each hotel and allows total personalisation for each guest, making the television one of the most important contact points in the customer experience. Among its many benefits, Guest TV makes it possible to programme a reception with welcome messages, adapt languages and content, and buy products and services directly via the television in the room.

In addition, Guest TV allows advertising to be displayed (advertising pop-ups while viewing television channels) and the promotion of fully personalised content by the hotel, reflecting the profile of the guest.

Guests can request a late check-out on the television and view the room’s consumption during their stay, as well as avoid waiting times for information usually requested at the reception desk.

The new Maxime Hotel, in Praça da Alegria in Lisbon, is the first customer to take advantage of this new Vodafone solution. By presenting a service that is further point of contact with guests, in this case via the television, Vodafone is contributing to the digital transformation of Maxime. In addition, in line with the hotel’s “We Go Green” policy, subscribing to Guest TV has led to a reduction in paper usage at Maxime.