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Terça-Feira, 13 de Novembro de 2018

Vodafone Portugal Service Revenue grows 1.1% during Q2

During the second quarter of the fiscal year 2018-2019, between July and September, Vodafone Portugal continued to grow in the main business indicator – Service Revenue – which reflects the strong growth in the fixed customer base and higher ARPU in fixed line.

Service Revenue reached 251 million euros, which represents a growth rate of 1.1% considering the same period last year. In the same quarter, total revenue increased 0.6% YoY, reaching 266 million euros.

Considering the six-monthly review, between April and September, the main operational indicators maintained a positive trend. Service Revenue reached 490 million euros (+2.3% YoY) while total revenue rose 1.9% YoY to 520 million euros.

Vodafone Portugal maintains the growth trend in the most relevant segments of the market and keeps improving the financial indicators, which reflect a differentiation strategy focused on the customer and in delivering the best service. Mobile business presents a progressive recovery, allowing Vodafone Portugal to maintain its position in this segment, and in the fixed business, particularly in Pay TV, Vodafone has been continuously gaining market share”, says Mário Vaz, Vodafone Portugal CEO.

The performance achieved in Q2 is supported by the resilience of the mobile business, driven by the mobile data usage and the seasonality of summer period, as well as by the strong and sustained growth in the fixed business.

During this period the total number of mobile customers grew 0.3%, while the number of 4G customers increased 28.3%, reaching almost 2 million. The smartphones penetration in the total customer base rose to 73.9% and the use of mobile data grew 26.9%.

From June to September there was a strong improvement in the fixed line customer base that has reached almost 685 thousand (+8.8% YoY).

Also in Q2, we launched V by Vodafone, a new category of IoT products created to make life more intelligent and simpler. Vodafone became the first Operator in Portugal to provide a range of IoT technology solutions for the end consumer.

During the same period started the 6th edition of “Big Smart Cities”, an entrepreneurship competition sponsored by Vodafone Portugal. 5G technology is the theme for this year´s edition, and we are looking for ideas and projects that can be accelerated by the mobile network of the future.