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Sexta-Feira, 13 de Julho de 2018

Vodafone Foundation sponsors training in robotics in four institutions in the Azores

Robotics training to cover around 100 children. Institutions to receive 20 robotic kits and 5 computers.

Between 16 and 20 July, the Vodafone Foundation will bring the world of robotics to four institutions in the Azores. For a week, about 100 children between the ages of 10 and 14 will interact in a fun way with robots and new technologies, acquiring the basics of their structure and functioning, and later developing new functions, games or other robots.

The institutions involved are based in Ribeira Grande and Ponta Delgada: CASA – Centro de Apoio Social e Acolhimento (1 day), Santa Casa da Misericórdia da Ribeira Grande (2 days), Kairós – Coriscolândia (1 day) and Colégio S. Francisco Xavier (1 day).

The Vodafone Foundation will provide 20 robotic kits and 5 computers to these institutions so that the children are challenged to observe, theorise, reason and invent, and explore and stimulate their creative abilities.

 The objective is to provide contact with technology in order to arouse children’s interest in engineering sciences and develop scientific skills in electronics, physics, mathematics and computing through experimentation, observation, analysis and discussion. Creativity and imagination will also be stimulated by the potentialities of different technological objects.

In this way, robotics assists the cognitive development of children through group activities, and through being able to experience situations and challenges in their daily lives, and planning, refining ideas, assembling, programming, testing and correcting the functioning of mechanisms.