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Press Releases

Lisbon, 12th July 2019

Vodafone announces agreement with DSTelecom to reach more than 5.3M households with Fiber

Vodafone signed today a memorandum of understanding with dstelecom, in order to increase its fiber coverage to up to 1.2 million households and enterprises. With this partnership, Vodafone Portugal will provide access to 5.3 million houses with next generation network (NGN).

This agreement of accessing to an enlarged dstelecom network footprint reinforces Vodafone’s commitment on taking its services to more and more Portuguese families and enterprises, creating grounds for a greater boost of the telecom market: more choices between higher quality services and better conditions for the development of the digital society.

“Vodafone Portugal has always stood for a model of co-investment and partnership for the next generation of fixed networks, in order to assure technical and economic rationality, speeding up the arrival of these networks to remote areas and to underprivileged populations. Chasing that vision, we have always, since the moment we started investing in this area, promoted agreements to reach this goal, and with this partnership we will have 90% of FTTH footprint shared with other Operators. This agreement is another important milestone in the materialization of this strategy, in the deepening of our partnership with dstelecom and in our commitment to Portugal”, says Mário Vaz, CEO of Vodafone Portugal.

José Teixeira, President of dstelecom, states: “With this deal, dstelecom begins the third development stage of its broadband focused in the areas with less population, which will continue to be explored in transparent way, open to all the Operators that share the same values of sustainability and cooperation. Vodafone, once again, honors us with their trust since the first moment. We won’t spare our efforts to complete the mission we begun ten years ago: to eliminate geographical barriers in order to allow all the Portuguese people to interact with the new digital world through cutting-edge communication networks”.