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Telecel offers activation fee and 5,000 PTE of calls to celebrate its 5th Anniversary

Lisbon, 16 October 1997 To celebrate its 5th anniversary, Telecel is making a special promotion which is exclusively directed at its Customers: it offers the activation service, together with the new Philips Diga cellular phone for just 5.000$00 (VAT included), plus the amount of communications which has been chosen. The Telecel Customer may choose either one of the Normal Tariff Plans, by paying in advance 5.000$00 for the communications, or the Vitamina T service for which he she chooses one of the available loads (7.5000$; 10.000$; 15.000$ or 20.000$).

Philips Diga weighs only 179 grams, has autonomy of 85 hours in standby or 120 minutes of conversation, and it is a very small phone, with 14.7 centimetres long, 5.7 cm wide and a thickness of 1.9 cm.

This equipment offers a wide range of supplementary services. For instance: Waiting Call Service, Identification of Calls, Written Messages Service, Calls Restriction and First Choice – through which if the equipment breaks down it will deliver a replacement equipment in 24 hours in the address given by the Customer. Other advantages of the equipment are the sliding protection cover of the keyboard and a fast loader for travelling. Philips Diga has a guarantee of one year.

To be able to join this campaign, the Customer will have to sign an agreement of permanence in the Telecel network for 24 months. The offer is limited to a phone per client.

Telecel also offers, to Customers who were connected to the Telecel Service prior to 18 October 1996, the possibility of replacing the old cellular phone by this model through the payment of the same amount and the delivery of the current equipment. The Customer will then be able to keep its present phone number, with a more modern phone, if that is the case.

The campaign is limited to the existing “stocks”, in a total of 15,000 units.

Discounts for more than one service.

Following this operation the Customers may also benefit from the conditions offered by Telecel under the Multiplic Discounts Scheme, according to which they benefit from discounts on the invoice if they have more than one Telecel service on their account and if they subscribe the Normal Tariff Plan.

As an example, if the Customer has two services on the same account, it will get a monthly discount of 1.000$00 ( VAT) on the total of the invoice.