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Calls at 1 PTE per second in the new Telecel's Vitamina Light

On 17 November 1998, TELECEL launched a new pre-paid product called Vitamina Light, whose main characteristics are simplicity and economy. All calls from Vitamina Light Customers will be charged at 1 PTE per second. Vitamina Light calls will be billed with one-second increments after the first minute.

This unique tariff will be applied to all calls within the Telecel network, to all calls to the fixed network, as well as to all calls to other mobile operators during 24 hours per day, 7 days per week.

The minimum recharge for the service is 7,000 PTE (including VAT) every four months, therefore allowing a minimum monthly consumption of 1,750 PTE. It is also possible to acquire a Vitamina Light card, with no equipment associated, for 7,500 PTE (including VAT and 5,000 PTE of calls).

Vitamina Light was launched with the new Ericsson 868 handset, equipped with the dual band system, enabling the customer to place calls in the GSM 900 and 1800 bands. This equipment taking advantage of the Enhanced Full Rate (EFR) technology also allows high voice quality in communications.

Telecel’s Vice President of Marketing and Customer Service, Mr. António Coimbra said, “Vitamina Light was developed to deliver simplicity to the Customer. It is an innovative product designed to be attractive to the user who has a moderate and undifferentiated usage of the service, and who does not want to be worried with the different tariffs associated with hours of the day or days of the week. The simplicity of the tariff – 1 PTE per second – and the unique and lower recharge level, are its innovative characteristics when compared to other Vitamina products. Telecel launched Vitamina Light with the new Ericsson equipment that operates with the dual band system and the Enhanced Full Rate technology, allowing a superior voice quality. These characteristics allow the Vitamina Light Customers to have a simple, economic, and quality utilization of the Telecel service”.