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Telecel Launches “Clube VIVA Telecel”

During the month of July, Telecel will launch “Clube VIVA Telecel”. All identified Telecel Customers will automatically be members of this Club, and will have the possibility to receive free calls packets as well as discounts in mobile phones and accessories.

“Clube VIVA Telecel” program allocates points to Customers, which are related with the airtime consumption of Telecel’s service. These points will be attributed on a monthly basis and can be exchanged by mobile to mobile airtime packets (for Regular Customers) and by airtime bonus (for Vitamina Customers). Points can also be traded for very significant discounts in cellular phones (high-end phones will also be included in the program) or accessories.

At the launch, each Customer will receive points related with one year of usage. Points can only be used in the two following years after granted. Telecel will change its “Clube VIVA Telecel” offer typically two to four times per year.

In an increasingly dynamic and competitive environment, Telecel will continue to develop its innovation and focus on Customers’ needs, making available new products and services which are suited to different usage needs.

Following is the present offer to trade points (each 100 PTE of net billed usage corresponds to 1 point):


Regular Pricing



Mobile to Mobile



Peak and Off Peak

Off Peak and Weekends

400 points

15 minutes

30 minutes

500 PTE

750 points

30 minutes

60 minutes

1,000 PTE

1250 points

60 minutes

120 minutes

2,000 PTE

2000 points

120 minutes

240 minutes

4,000 PTE

Note:– VAT included.
– Available on 30 September


Recommended End User Price

VIVA Offer

Motorola StarTac 75

99,900 PTE

10,000 PTE 8,000 points
18 month contract

Ericsson GH 688

59,900 PTE

10,000 PTE 5,500 points
18 month contract

Nokia 3110

49,900 PTE

5,000 PTE 4,500 points
18 month contract

Note: – VAT included;
– Special promotion (until 31 August): 2,000 points less for a Motorola StarTac 75 and
1,500 points less for an Ericsson GH 688 and Nokia 3110.