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Press Releases

Integration of Telechamada Into Telecel

Facing the paging and mobile markets’ evolution in Portugal, Telecel has decided to integrate its paging subsidiary Telechamada into Telecel. A merger project has been presented to the respective authorities and, being materialized, will allow Telecel to continue to promptly respond to the needs of an increasingly dynamic marketplace. Economic rationalization should be obtained through synergies and resource’s optimization, enabling Telecel to continue to compete with a differentiated quality offer in an increasingly competitive marketplace.

This integrated approach to the mobile and paging markets will develop both companies’ employees, as it will enable them to cross their experiences. The specific knowledge and competencies acquired during six years of operation in the messaging service and data transmission by Telechamada, market leader in the paging sector and example of state of the art technology as well as marketing innovation, will be significant contributions to Telecel.

The 1998 accounts should reflect Telechamada integration. Telecel maintains the guidance offered at the time of the First Half 1998 Results release.