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Telecel Announces Reduction on International Calls’ Weekend Tariffs

Following the reductions on international tariffs which took place last January 23rd, Telecel is introducing a new price reduction on calls to EU countries, Switzerland and North America, in all tariff plans.

The new tariff, dedicated to all Telecel Customers, including Vitamina Customers, is applied to the calls placed to the mentioned destinations, during weekends.

Since February 1st, the rate applied to this type of communications is 33 PTE per minute (without VAT) with 30 seconds’ billing periods, meaning that customers pay 16.5 PTE every 30 seconds. In what concerns “Mais” tariff plan Telecel maintains the 30 PTE per minute rate (without VAT), in place since last January 23rd, also with billing periods of 30 seconds – which means 15 PTE per period.

Telecel was pioneer in the introduction of lower weekend tariffs, both for national and international calls. This new reduction strengthens Telecel’s competitive international tariffs, namely when compared with the fixed network’s tariffs. It also renews expectations that, more and more, mobile communications represent an important and consistent alternative to the fixed network, combining mobility with new access facilities – reinforced in Telecel’s case by the quality and diversity of its services.

TELECEL’s International Tariffs
(Regular Pricing Plans and Vitaminas)

Prices per minute (without VAT)




EU, Switzerland, United States
and Canada

Price of
national calls to other networks during peak time (*)

30 PTE in “Mais” tariff plan)

33 PTE

30 PTE in “Mais” tariff

Rest of Europe, Angola,
Mozambique, Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, South Africa, Brazil, Venezuela e Australia

88 PTE –
Regular Customers

112 PTE – Vitaminas

88 PTE

Rest of the World

212 PTE

212 PTE

(*) Except for Vitamina L where the rate of 103 PTE per minute is applied. Prices without VAT.

Calls billed under 30 second periods.