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Press Releases

Telecel applies for a Fixed Telephony Licence

Last Thursday, June 17th Telecel applied to the ICP (Instituto de Comunicações de Portugal – Portuguese regulatory body) for a license to provide fixed telephony service. This application follows Telecel’s strategy of satisfying Customers communication needs, with both fixed or mobile content, optimising its communications network usage and taking advantage of all its potential.

Telecel is pleased with the start of the process that will lead to the concession of licenses to provide fixed telephony services and set up the underlying network infrastructure. This development is of utmost importance in achieving full liberalisation of the communication services in Portugal, which already lags two years behind the rest of Europe.

However, some relevant matters related with the liberalisation of fixed telephony services have yet to be defined, namely in what concerns the rulings after the year 2000, interconnection terms and conditions to access the final Customer (local loop).