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Press Releases

Telecel introduces a battery recycling program

Telecel has developed an exclusive recycling program for batteries from cellular phones sold by the Company. This program recycles batteries when they are at the end of their life, thereby minimising the impact the residues contained in the batteries have on the environment if they are not treated properly.

All Telecel’s shops will have a special “bin” designed specifically as a deposit for the batteries in. The batteries will then be collected and taken to a multinational company that then sends the batteries, in security vehicles, to a recycling plant in Switzerland, which is specially prepared to treat these kinds of residues.

Recycling batteries is important in connection with the environment as it reduces the need to produce more new batteries using new raw materials that would have to be sourced and extracted. With Telecel’s recycling scheme in place the demand for the production of new batteries will be smaller.

Environmental issues are one of Telecel’s major concerns. Telecel is especially conscious of the environment in connection with the installation of its network infrastructure. Telecel does invest significantly to find solution to avoid landscape impacts caused by their infrastructure installation, both in the urban areas and in the country.

Telecel has a strong relationship with the Portuguese Institute for the Architectonic Patrimony (IPPAR), with UNESCO (through IPPAR) and with local planning authorities to find solutions that allow the installation of their infrastructures in places which will have virtually no impact on the environment.