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Vodafone MMS Services for the World Cup

With effect from 31 May, Vodafone, in partnership with Vizzavi, is providing free of charge services that allow users to follow the World Cup via its Multimedia Messaging Service (MMS). Vodafone was the first operator in Portugal to commercially provide a MMS service, after having been the first to test it under real conditions.

Vodafone customers with Sony Ericsson T68i handsets will be able, from the opening moments of the championship, to keep up to date with all the World Cup news by subscribing a package of several MMS services – Live Goals, Team News, World Cup News and Match Summaries.

Via the Live Goals service, customers will be immediately alerted, through a multimedia message (MMS), when a goal is scored in matches involving the Portuguese team, including a picture of the scoring shot or the scorer, together with a description of the shot and information on the scorer and the minute of the match in which it occurred.

The Team News service provides Vodafone customers with a daily multimedia message about the Portuguese team, including a picture, along with information on the Portuguese team’s activities that day. World Cup News provides general coverage of World Cup events. Every day, Vodafone customers have the opportunity of receiving a multimedia message (MMS) containing a picture and news coverage of the championship in the form of a summary of the day’s matches.

The Match Summaries service sends a multimedia message following Portugal’s and Brazil’s games, including a picture and a news report of the game. The summary includes a comment on the players on the field, highlighting those who stood out through positive or negative contributions.

Customers can subscribe this package of MMS services by sending a text message (SMS) to 15066 containing the word “Mundial” [World Cup]. Vodafone customers can then follow all the news of the 2002 World Cup via the Multimedia Messaging Service.