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Quarta-Feira, 18 de Outubro de 2006

Vodafone SME

New offer for Small and Medium-sized Enterprises

Lisbon, 18 October 2006 – Vodafone today launches in Portugal the Vodafone SME, a complete telecommunications offer for the important Small and Medium-sized Enterprises market. This is a set of solutions including voice and data services both for mobile phones and fixed office telecommunications, responding to the main needs of these types of companies: a comprehensive offer, simple to use, with forecastable costs and free handsets on subscription to a contract.

A new price plan, the Pack PME, is being introduced for mobile communications, with free calls between the company’s employees and a flat rate of €0.14 per minute for other national calls. This plan enables companies to forecast easily the total payable each month since they can select the pack of minutes that best meets their needs.

For in-office calls, the Voz Fixa service is being introduced, with no monthly charge and free handsets on subscription to a contract. This new offer will benefit from very competitive prices, both on calls to other fixed line numbers and to mobile networks, especially to the Vodafone network. The service will permit free calls between the company’s employees, both to fixed line and mobile numbers.

Vodafone is also launching a new broadband Internet access offer for office use (640 kbps) from €18.59 a month, with additional options for use on the move and with greater bandwidth.

As a complement, Vodafone is providing tools to increase the productivity of company message management such as mobile e-mail and a service for sending SMS via Outlook.

Vodafone SME reinforces Vodafone’s strategy in the corporate segment by supplying telecommunications solutions that contribute to increasing the productivity of Portuguese companies, so allowing Vodafone to retain its leadership position in the important SME segment.

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