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Vodafone launches the best moments from Gato Fedorento

Lisbon, 17 July 2006 – Vodafone, in co-operation with RTP, has just launched videos of the best moments from the last Gato Fedorento comedy series on the Vodafone live! portal.

Hilarious moments such as ‘RAP dos Matarruanos’ or ‘Operação à Gelatina’ are available on the Rir and Video channels (Fun option) at a cost of 2 euros per view.

Each video lasts between one and four minutes, and there is a total of 20 videos available showing the best of the last series – Lopes da Silva.

The videos can be viewed on over 50 models of mobile phone (any 3G/UMTS phone and all 2G/GPRS phones with video capability).