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Direct link to hi5 mobile website on Vodafone live!

Lisbon, 26 August 2008 – Vodafone today introduced a direct link from the Vodafone live! portal to the new mobile website of hi5 ( simultaneously with its worldwide launch.

hi5 is the most popular social networking site in Portugal (according to data from Marktest), with over 2 million monthly users in Portugal. The mobile site launched today enables mobile users to use the site’s main functions such as: viewing profiles, adding friends and viewing their status, sending and receiving messages or inviting friends into their network.

With the introduction of a rapid link to the hi5 site from Vodafone live, Vodafone customers will now be able to maintain contact and interact with their hi5 network wherever they are, simply and quickly.

Vodafone customers can navigate the hi5 site carefree, like any other website, using Vodafone’s Navegar price plan which offers Internet access for a daily price of just 98 cents. This plan is activated automatically whenever a customer accesses a website outside the Vodafone live! portal.

Customers who expect to use this new hi5 site more heavily, or frequently access websites from their mobile phone, can subscribe to the Aditivo Navegar for 7.50 euros a month.

Detailed information about this service and prices are available on Vodafone’s website at