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Segunda-Feira, 3 de Outubro de 2011

Vodafone Say TV Net Voz

Triple play for people with special needs

Vodafone Portugal today launched the Vodafone Say TV Net Voz price plan offering special terms on Vodafone’s triple play service to people with special needs. This offer includes a discount of €10 for ever on the cost of subscription to any of the Vodafone TV Net Voz plans and free rental of two set-top boxes (principal and secondary) for 12 months.

This initiative makes Vodafone the first operator in the Portuguese market to provide a digital television service with a price plan specifically for people with special needs. The Vodafone TV via fibre service has the most competitive prices in the market (tariffs available at ).

Since 2005 Vodafone has offered special rates for people with disabilities equal to or greater than 60%, offering discounts on Voice, Videocall, Mobile Broadband, ADSL and Fibre price plans.

As well as these price plans, Vodafone Portugal also provides the Vodafone Say software free of charge. Vodafone Say is a solution specially designed for the visually impaired which enables them to use all the functions of a mobile phone by means of Text to Speech (TTS) conversion.

With this offer of special rates and adapted phones, Vodafone aims to contribute effectively to this social group’s access to and full integration in the Information Society.