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Quinta-Feira, 11 de Outubro de 2012

Vodafone Portugal Foundation and EPIS develop educational game to help combat underachievement in mathematics at school

The "Math Survivor" project was unveiled today in Paredes. The project is designed to assess the impact of information and communication technologies in remedial work with students who are underachieving in mathematics. "Math Survivor" is an online game created by a partnership between the Vodafone Portugal Foundation, the EPIS Association - Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion and Cristelo Primary and Middle School.

During the 2012/13 academic year the game will be used in mathematics classes in Cristelo Primary and Middle School in a pilot phase to evaluate the model for possible extension to further schools.

This online tool will test students’ knowledge in mathematics in a fun way, monitor their progress and identify areas for improvement. In order to encourage its use, monitor how the game works and evaluate its impact, a championship between students will be organised during this academic year.

The game is based on a web platform which can be accessed from anywhere via the internet, so students can also learn and play with mathematics outside class time. In addition, the application will also enable information to be shared between teachers and parents, who can track the performance of their students/children via email and SMS, so enabling them to cooperate.

As mathematics is one of the subjects with higher rates of underachievement from age 11, and one that is often perceived as difficult, the Vodafone Portugal Foundation and EPIS have backed the development of this tool as a way of contributing to educational achievement.

About the Vodafone Portugal Foundation
The Vodafone Portugal Foundation’s mission is to promote, support and implement projects that contribute to the development of the Information Society, combating info-exclusion and the spread of mobile telecommunications technologies, and to implement social and philanthropic initiatives that contribute to the integration of all citizens, in line with the values of Vodafone Portugal and society in which it operates. Vodafone/PT/Fundacao/

About the EPIS Association:
The EPIS Association – Entrepreneurs for Social Inclusion was set up in 2006 by a group of over 100 Portuguese business leaders to respond to a call by the President of the Republic for “a civic commitment, a commitment to social inclusion, to break away from the usual complacent view that it is up to the State to solve the problem”. ,