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Vodafone Portugal launches solutions pack for start-ups

Vodafone Portugal today launched the Vodafone Start-up Pack, a complete, flexible and ready-to-use solution that includes all the services and equipment needed to start up businesses with 1 to 5 employees.

With telecommunications vital at the start-up stage of any company, Vodafone is offering a complete package of services and communications equipment that allows new companies to get started immediately.

With mobile voice, mobile broadband, fixed voice, fixed Internet and mobile phones from just €30 a month per employee, the Vodafone Start-up Pack is ideal for business start-ups. In addition, it is entirely based on mobile technology and does not require any technical installation: users simply switch on and it is ready to use.

The Vodafone Start-up Pack is flexible and can be adjusted to suit any company by adding more voice call minutes, more Internet traffic or higher broadband speed and changing handsets in order to create a service tailored to each company’s needs.

The launch of this service extends Vodafone’s range of custom-designed solutions for the corporate segment, reinforcing its leadership position in this segment and helping to equip new companies with the best communications tools at the best prices.

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