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Vodafone Runner App offers free registrations for the Lisbon Half Marathon

The Vodafone Runner App, available on Google Play for users of smartphones with the Android operating system and on Apple’s App Store, is offering 500 free registrations for the Lisbon Half Marathon and the Vodafone Mini Marathon on 25 March.

The application has so far accepted one thousand free registrations for the Mini Marathon and Lisbon Half Marathon. A further 500 registrations are on offer from today.

The Vodafone Runner App allows users to train for the Half Marathon races and this new version includes features specially designed those taking part in or watching the race. Among the new features available are the ability to record the runner’s course during the race in which the user is taking part, save or view the course on the map after the end of the race and share it on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. In addition, users can follow friends’ races even if they are not taking part themselves, show where they are at the moment, select predefined meeting points and add or remove Facebook friends.

The features of the previous version remain available, including viewing news, a calendar with the most important dates, useful information about the race and a training plan.