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Vodafone releases innovative television app for iPad and Android tablets

Vodafone Portugal has released the Vodafone Tv Net Voz App, which for the first time provides a single application bringing together all the functionalities of the home television service.

This application, specially designed for tablets, enables Customers of Vodafone Portugal’s television service to watch the 35 most popular channels live and free of charge (with the best quality image, adapted to the bandwidth available) on their tablet, as well as allowing them to read the TV listings, watch trailers and Videoclube films (with a selection of films), manage the recording of programmes, and control their home television remotely.

This unique and integrated experience allows, for instance, the television listing to be checked from anywhere through a simple click, as well as zapping immediately to the intended programme (on the tablet or on your television at home), as well as instantly scheduling or cancelling recordings on the TV box.

It is also possible to control your television with the tablet, with two remote control options available: the ‘zapper’ version, which includes the main functionalities, such as zapping and volume, and the ‘total’ version, which replicates the television remote control and also includes an alphanumeric keyboard to write text on TV in an easy way.

The Vodafone Tv Net Voz App is available free of charge at the Apple App Store and at the Google Play store for Android tablets.

This release is another initiative in Vodafone’s drive to reinforce convergence among the various screens and to boost leadership in the television service in Portugal.