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Sexta-Feira, 30 de Outubro de 2015
Two weeks after its official launch, the inviita app has been chosen by Apple as the best app of the week, after being the number one in the Travel category of the App Store.

The aim of the app is to simplify decisions about what to do in a city, depending on the user’s mood. It can be used when travelling but also to discover places in the city itself. By sharing the itineraries that they create, users can inspire their network of friends with suggestions and unique itineraries.

The app differs from others by not being limited to offering users suggestions of places, but offers users a range of automatically generated experiences and itineraries based on the location but also on the way they feel, in a simple and intuitive way.

In inviita users set their mood and the app automatically creates itineraries in any city in the world. These itineraries can also be customised by users, who simply drag and drop it to the timeline, and can remove and add new places as they explore the city. Users can also save them to their profile, creating a history of experiences they can review and share with friends.

Supported and developed by Vodafone Power Lab, a programme to encourage innovation and support entrepreneurship, this app is the only one in the world that is searchable in the App Store by emojis.

The company is now investing in building a stronger social component in the application, so that these experiences can be created individually as well as by groups.