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Quinta-Feira, 24 de Setembro de 2015

Vodafone Power Lab and UPTEC invite applications for support to start-ups in Porto

Applications are invited as from today in Porto for the Start-up Support Programme run by UPTEC (University of Porto Science and Technology Park) Start-up School in partnership with Vodafone Power Lab, a programme designed to encourage entrepreneurship.

With over 100 business ideas supported and over 220 entrepreneurs mentored, the UPTEC Start-up School, with the support of Vodafone, is now inviting applications for its 6th edition with the aim of supporting entrepreneurs with creative technological or scientific projects whose feasibility they wish to test in the market.

 The selected entrepreneurs will have the opportunity to work in a co-working space, be part of a network of national and international companies, and receive mentoring from strategic partners who will support the business idea validation process.

 The programme also includes training specifically designed for business ideas under development, which will address issues such as the business model, intellectual property, price/sales and corporate communication.

 Every week, young entrepreneurs will be able to attend networking events, where start-ups and established national and international companies will have a presence. The aim is to stimulate the creation of opportunities and synergies between business projects and companies, and to encourage the exchange of experiences and sharing of problems.

The Start-up School projects supported by Vodafone Power Lab, in addition to having free access to the entire programme, will benefit from Vodafone’s support during the stages of development, launch and release of the final product on the market.

Applications are invited by 7 October. The selected projects will be announced on 14 October. 


About Vodafone Power Lab

Vodafone Power Lab is a programme designed to encourage innovation and to support entrepreneurship. Its aim is to encourage the creation of technology projects through support for incubation, mentoring, workshops, training and go-to-market, among other opportunities enabling new companies to develop and succeed.


The University of Porto Science and Technology Park (UPTEC) is an facility for the mutual enhancement of expertise between the university and the business world, which seeks to take advantage of the real development potential of the link between these two worlds. UPTEC’s ecosystem favours the establishment of an environment that favours innovation and the setting up of advanced technology-based businesses. UPTEC is one of the projects covered by Vodafone Power Lab.