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Quinta-Feira, 4 de Fevereiro de2016

Vodafone Portugal announces Q3 Results

Vodafone Portugal is showing signs of recovery, with service revenue continuing to improve. During Q3, service revenue was + 0.6% (Q2: -0.2% YoY) reversing the negative trend from past quarters. Excluding MTR the service revenue growth reaches 2.3% YoY in Q3. This result was driven by continued strong growth in fixed service revenue (Q3: +40.8%; Q2: +37.3%).

Fixed line service revenue improvement was supported by continued fixed customer growth of 32.3% YoY, reaching a total of 473K (Q2: 444K YoY) of which 416K are broadband customers.

FTTH deployment is ahead of the plan. Vodafone reached 2.27 million homes passed with its fast and reliable next generation fibre network.

Also part of SPRING investment, the 4G population coverage reached 94% at the end of Q3, with customer mobile data usage increasing 89.5% YoY and 4G customers increasing 220% YoY and reaching 662 thousand.

Reinforcing the commitment of delivering the best network experience to all of its customers, Vodafone Portugal announced that it will extend its next-generation fibre network (FTTH) to a further 550 thousand homes and businesses by the end of 2016, expanding the coverage of its network to over 2.75 million, equivalent to more than two thirds of Portugal’s households and businesses and involving a total investment of 125 million euros.

In what concerns Enterprise, Vodafone closed an important agreement with SIBS, connecting over 7000 ATM machines across the country. This hugely critical project has been designed to meet the needs of the MULTIBANCO network, the biggest financial services network in Portugal, and is based on a global, integrated and convergent solution which includes technical and operational management of communications between the MULTIBANCO ATMs and SIBS’s Data Processing Centres, as well as the total renovation of all the communications equipment.

In the past quarter Vodafone also extended a partnership with Netflix under which Vodafone TV customers were the first to watch Netflix content in a simple and convenient way through the integration of Netflix service into the PayTV Set Top Box.  This launch reinforces Vodafone’s strategy to offer its customers the best television experience as well as a diverse range of quality and internationally acclaimed content.