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Vodafone checks into the five continents, at Lisbon and Oporto airports

Vodafone Portugal, in partnership with JCDecaux Airport, has overseen the implementation of an ambitious communication project in Portugal’s two major airports. Through this initiative Vodafone intends to strengthen its standing as a global communications operator, supplying its customers with a complete experience, no matter what country they are in.

The project, which has benefited from the development and creativity of JWT and the resource planning of MEC, includes the design of the check-in area and installation of battery chargers for smartphones, tablets and other devices, in the main zones of terminal 1 of Lisbon Airport: Lisbon Square, Schengen Departure Lounge and Non-Schengen Departure Lounge.

At the check-in area, through which thousands of passengers pass every day, there are many visible messages serving as a call to action for the infinite communication options made possible by technology: Post Comments, Share Adventures, Tell Stories, Report Events, Send Photos, Make Statements, Give Opinions.

These messages are complemented by a design representing the five continents, which comes to life under an imposing bright red vinyl panel, red being the colour of Vodafone’s brand.

Alluding to America is a symbol inspired by American Indian heritage, comprising two medallions decorated with over 600 coloured feathers. The European continent is portrayed in 31 heraldic Coats of Arms of the traditional European houses, and 36 bamboo umbrellas inspired by the “rising sun” make up the Asian item. Hundreds of African textiles illustrate the hot and vivacious colours that are so typical of the continent, and finally the Oceania item was inspired by the natives of the continent and includes 135 iconic boomerangs.

Vodafone continues to impress passengers, even after the check-in zone. Upon entering Lisbon Square, the “heart” of the Airport, the passengers behold 11 power poles for smartphones, tablets and other devices, which include all the traditional sockets, universal cables and more.

In the Schengen and Non-Schengen Departure Lounges everybody can stay “connected” thanks to the large format battery chargers, which include four chairs so that passengers can charge their devices in a comfortable and convenient manner while they are waiting for their flight.

As well as the amenities provided at Lisbon Airport, at the Francisco Sá Carneiro Airport in Porto Vodafone installed two large-scale battery chargers, with universal sockets and cables.