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Quinta-Feira, 14 de Junho de 2018

Vodafone launches ‘Smart Replay’, a new way to watch football games on TV

Smart Replay is the new feature of Vodafone TV that offers smart matches and the main events of the game Available free to all Vodafone TV Net Voz customers.

Vodafone has launched a new feature for its TV service which promises to transform the way we watch television content. Smart Replay – which will be available in an initial trial phase to accompany broadcasts of football matches, including the games of the 2018 FIFA World Cup – allows Customers to interact with the content of the games and to catch the most striking events of each match.

When Smart Replay is activated, the user only has to click on the ‘Interativo’ button, choose the option ‘Smart Replay’ and a timeline automatically appears at the bottom of the screen showing the main events of the game, such as goals, yellow and red cards, substitutions, important tackles, missed goals, injuries, and more. In addition, the new feature provides relevant information about the teams and the match – such as the technical data about each team, statistics and interesting facts relating to what is happening in a game – on a single screen. This is an innovation on users’ televisions, which until now only showed this information in a multiscreen format.

Smart Replay can be used with live broadcasts of games on SD/HD channels, with updating in real time of important moments that appear automatically when the timeline opens. In this way, users can get a quick and simple view of the most important happenings in the 90 minutes of the match, at the same time as it makes watching games more dynamic, smart and interactive.

With the launch of Smart Replay, Vodafone is once again extending its TV service, whose quality continues to be attested to by the high satisfaction ratings given by its customers and by the wide range of content, applications and features available. The continued commitment to a service of excellence is reflected in the leading position of Vodafone, the fastest growing pay-TV operator in Portugal over the last four years.