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August 13th, 2019

Vodafone performs first 5G holographic call on a live TV transmission in Portugal

  • Holographic call teleported the TV presenter from Lisbon to Paredes de Coura, more than 400 km away
  • The response time of Vodafone’s 5G network was inferior to 10 milliseconds
  • The transmission used cutting-edge technology from Ericsson – Vodafone’ strategic partner for 5G
  • Vodafone reinforces its leadership in the development of 5G in Portugal

Vodafone Portugal and the TV station ‘TVI’ performed, today, the first 5G holographic transmission in real time. During the live broadcast of the evening news, the TV host was teleported from the studio in Lisbon to Paredes de Coura, 400 km away, through Vodafone’s 5G network. By delivering this new possibility of communication, Vodafone reinforces its leadership in the development of the fifth generation network in Portugal.

This innovative moment was possible due to the cutting-edge technology from Ericsson, Vodafone Portugal strategic partner for 5G development. Vodafone used Ericsson AIR 6488 5G equipment and 100MHz of temporary spectrum in the 3,6GHz range provided by the Portuguese Regulator.

The operation has involved 60 professionals from different partners, two TV studios (one of them created from scratch in the village of Paredes de Coura), seven weeks of preparation and around a ton of audio-visual material. The holographic call was built on a real time bidirectional communication process that was developed specifically for the effect.

The TV host´s image was captured in the studio in HD at 60 frames per second and transmitted through Vodafone’s 5G network to the secondary studio at Paredes de Coura. At this location, the image was decoded in 3D to an holographic projector and sent back to Lisbon in real time, so that the host was able to see what was going on and lead the emission without any communication interruptions.

In order to guarantee maximum effectiveness of this holographic call, Vodafone’s 5G network response time was inferior to ten milliseconds. Only a network of excellence can guarantee a communication flow without breaks.

With this initiative, Vodafone Portugal proves that the most innovative technology should not be restricted to large urban centers. The village of Paredes de Coura was the scene of an unprecedented technological milestone that reinforces Vodafone Portugal´s commitment in delivering next generation networks throughout the Country – even in the more isolated areas.

This initiative occurred three months after the first 5G roaming session in the world, a milestone achieved by Vodafone Portugal and Vodafone Spain. Before that, Vodafone had become the first Operator in Portugal to deliver a 5G data session with a 5G smartphone and the first to install a 5G antenna for real tests of the technology, all these, in collaboration with Ericsson.

The holographic call occurred during the 27th edition of Vodafone Paredes de Coura, one of Portugal´s main music festivals. The event takes place between 14th and 17th of August, receiving artists such as The National, New Order, Patti Smith, Suede, Father John Misty and Car Seat Headrest.